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Fundraiser Program


  • Raise money for your organization at Buono’s Authentic Pizzeria. Enjoy delicious pizzas and Italian specialties with family and friends while raising money.
  • Any nonprofit organization such as schools,clubs, sports teams, church groups, after school programs, sororities, and fraternities can hold successful fundraisers at Buono’s.
  • Buono’s Fundraiser Program donates a percentage of all pre-tax sales generated by Buono’s customers during your event.

There are three Buono’s  locations:

  1. Buono’s San Pedro – 222 W. 6th Street R-1
  2. Buono’s Long Beach – 401 W. Willow Street.
  3. Buono’s Downtown Long Beach – 250 W. Ocean Boulevard.

Our restaurants are available any night of the week and all day on weekends. Certain blackout dates and limitations may apply.

Call Buono’s Business Office at 562-427-8665 to reserve a date or for more information.


  1. Choose a date, location and time by calling  Buono’s Business Office at 562 427-8665.
  2. Advertise your event by handing out flyers, sending email blasts, social networking – anyway to get the word out. Promote your event at big gatherings and meetings.
  3. Come to Buono’s and enjoy your event. We’ll cook and serve while you have fun promoting your organization and raising money.
  4. Your organization will earn a percentage of all Buono’s  sales (pre-tax) for the duration of your fundraising event.

Suggestions for Successful Fundraising

  • Insert flyers advertising your event in a newsletter.
  • Announce the event and attach the fundraising flyer on your organization’s website.
  • Email blast the flyer to your office, family, friends. Have them pass it on.
  • Contact your local newspaper and send a press release about your organization and event for the calendar / announcement section.
  • Pass out flyers during large gatherings, group meetings, events and team practices.
  • Promote your event on a marquee or bulletin board.